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  • “As well as providing a useful—and for the area unique—service, Williams is an intriguing figure: part aesthete, part researcher, and part financial analyst.” | Arthur K. Whitman, Art Critic
  •  “We just received your comprehensive and thorough analysis of our artwork. It’s exciting to know that we have some valuable pieces. I am deeply grateful for all your acumen that led to a better awareness of the family collections.” | Hon. Robert Mrazek, Former U.S. Congressman
  • “I have been in business endeavors with Evan for at least 20 years. I find him to be very bright, ethical, and trustworthy. I have referred many of my clients to Evan with great success, for both appraisals and sales.” | Michael W. Thuesen, Archival Framer
  • “I am happy to recommend Evan D. Williams as an art appraiser. I was very satisfied with the results.” | Dr. Franklin W. Robinson, Museum Director Emeritus
  • “Evan has always answered my questions, even the most ridiculous ones, with knowledge and with patience. He’s a diamond in a sea of cubic zirconia.” | Jan Safran, Rare Book Sale Coordinator
  • “Evan helped me find a market for a collection of rare art books and I was pleased with the process and the results.” | Mike Pizmoht, Energy Executive & Collector
  • “I’ve hired Evan to work with our team on several large collections of photography, ephemera, books, and fine art. He performs due diligence, supplies valuation support, and reports his results clearly and succinctly. He is professional, communicative, and works efficiently. Evan has earned my confidence.” | Morgan Rigaud, Appraisal Firm CEO
  •  “I have had the opportunity of working with Evan on a number of occasions and found him to be very diligent, extremely responsible and easy to get along with.” | Lorraine Anne Davis, Photography Appraiser & Author
  • “I have found Evan to be an incredible asset in my acquisition of art pieces of interest. He is a consummate professional and his passion for his work is palpable.” | R.D. Miller, Real Estate Agent Collector
  • “Without reservation of any kind, I can recommend working with him. He is extremely knowledgeable and devoted to continued learning within his areas of expertise. He brings integrity, detailed analysis, and efficient and pleasant communication with his colleagues and clients.” | Marie Sirakos, Antiques Dealer
  • “He’s extremely quick on turning around projects and does a great job on the final product.” | Eric Russ, Auction House VP
  • I have engaged Evan to appraise several valuable artworks for me and have found him consistently professional in his work, thoughtful, thorough, and acting with great integrity in all our dealings. He’s also personable and a pleasure to work with. | Michael Pinnisi, Esq., Attorney and Investment Manager